Saturday, 17 September 2016

Taking the plunge

So George Couros' book The Innovator's Mindset has finally lured me into creating my own educational blog. I have been contemplating it for years, but there were always excuses, always reasons why it wasn't the right time. After starting this fabulous book, I have come to the conclusion that the fear isn't necessarily going to go away--I just need to take the plunge.

My Superintendent has a quote in her office: "Students will not take risks unless their teachers take risks" (or something very close to that). I have been thinking about that quote lately.  I expect my students to take risks in my Core French classes everyday. I expect them to challenge themselves to speak in another language, risk making mistakes, and have the courage and the confidence to be proud of themselves for trying, for daring to go out on a limb and learn. Given that, I don't have a good excuse to avoid taking risks, especially in a leadership position.

This year I have started a new adventure as a K-12 FSL, ELL, and Literacy Coach as well as being a Core French teacher for 2 classes / day.  Once I took the plunge to apply for this new job--to face the nerves and do it anyways, I've become more comfortable with being nervous and doing something anyways. Being perfect is not a prerequisite for students, teachers, or leaders in general for that matter. 

Learning is the key. That is what it is really all about--not knowing everything, but rather having the nerve to be a real leader--someone who is willing to take a risk and share what real strength is all about. It's not about perfection, but rather about sharing real learning with others. It involves mistakes, being open to changing our perceptions, and taking risks. Learning can be a messy business.

I am grateful for the challenges that this book has already inspired me to do, and I'm really looking forward to delving into this book more, and learning from and with a lot of other people all around the world. 

To be truthful--I'm still working on the first chapter. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to share more reflections about that.